What the Narrative on Tech 'Backlash' Gets Wrong10.10.19

"As long as we are swept along in a vision of technology as a compulsory control on our lifestyle choices - an opt in without a realistic opt-out — then backlash remains the tokenistic moralising that some already see it as."

Drug Life | The Corporate Body
Pre-order for debut album release by Drug Life
Panoptica installation
A speculative installation space exploring the future of data and surveillance capitalism
MFA Degree Show - Work for Progress12.04.19

"A musician, an interaction designer, a bike advocate, and a museum lover walk into a design programme: two years later, our work in progress is all work for progress..."

An interface intervening in Spotify's passive modes of listening
Drug Life | Upmanship Down
Second single release by Drug Life
A graphic series on the nature of algorithmic control in music streaming
I Am the Product
Exploring the limits of trading intimate information for goods and services
Full Terms
Imagining objects transformed by making explicit the terms and conditions of their use
How Change was Replaced by a Designed Illusion30.06.18

"The great triumph of handheld technology is the lie it conceals. Ever-present and portable, it draws our attention downwards, off-wards, at right-angles to the march of life before us. As long as our heads are bent, we’re captive, placing faith in an impermanent, implied plane of living..."

Drug Life | Paper Tie
First single release by Drug Life
Rules of the Future
A limited edition risographed booklet exploring technology, consent and the future
The Automation of Listening20.02.18

"It’s the hegemony of the algorithm that counterculture should be taking aim at. What is an algorithm if not an updated version of the faceless, unaccountable cultural power that punk took on?"

Escape from Stepford
A speculative escape kit for the wives of Stepford
Can You Top Trump? Card game18.10.17
A card game based on reactionary politicians and personalities
Terror Capitalism

"Terror-capitalism has a gun trained on you, a foot suspended above the accelerator pedal of a truck as you walk by. It’s here to let you know that you’re a target, a potential victim — that you’re unwitting collateral in the combat of ideas going on around you."