Escape from Stepford < Back

Inspired in part by Moma's Design and Violence exhibition, the aim of this project was to provide an escape kit for a potential victim of the 'programming' in Ira Levin's 1972 novel 'The Stepford Wives'.

Taking the story as a starting point for a speculative project on the nature of free will and sexual subjugation, I created an escape kit that would give potential victims of the programming tools to help them escape.

The kit consists of three items of a toiletry kit: a box for shampoo, one for soaps, and a bubble-bath bottle. Branded under the name 'Revamp' (subtitled 'an Acquiescence For Her'), each piece of the toiletry kit provides hidden assistance within its packaging. Folded inserts inside the two boxes open up to provide warning information and a map respectively.

The rubber stopper in the bottle conceals a USB stick containing further escape tools, including maps and textual information, a piece of code designed to 'reverse hack' the programming, and a link to a Spotify playlist called 'Stepford'.