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31.07.20 The Noise of JusticeMedium / Predict

24.07.20 Blade Runner 2049 & the Afterlife of CultureThe Quietus

10.04.20 An Anatomy of the Corporate BodyMoakesy.com

10.10.19 What the Narrative on Tech 'Backlash' Gets WrongMedium / Predict

24.09.18 Permanent PresentMoakesy.com

07.09.18 The Privatisation of the SelfMoakesy.com

30.06.18 How Change was Replaced by a Designed IllusionMedium / Predict

20.02.18 The Automation of ListeningMedium

30.03.17 When Terrorism and Capitalism Become the Same ThingMedium

11.08.16 Making Music about the End of MusicMedium / Cuepoint

16.10.15 Mansun's Six and the Lure of NostalgiaMedium / Cuepoint

14.07.15 A New Music and a New Criticism: Dissent in the Age of the InternetMedium / Cuepoint

22.06.15 The Dying of the Light: On Solar Race's Eilidh BradleyThe Quietus

23.04.15 Joy Division's Passover: a Victory of Collective RestraintMedium / Cuepoint

22.03.14 Quantum Mechanics, the Musician and the Multiverse: Reality as a Glass Bead GameMedium

09.11.12 Inspiral Carpets: Life, the Expanded EditionAlbum reissue sleeve notes

14.10.11 Notes on a TourYoung Legionnaire Tumblr

06.08.09 On Being Ushered Into the Dark By Simple MindsThe Quietus

25.11.08 On FatherhoodThe Quietus

20.10.08 A Tribute to Huggy BearThe Guardian

08.03.07 London: a TruceBloc Party blog